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  • Five Ways to Lower In-Home Humidity

    Humidity is a part of life, especially in summer here on the east coast. While humidity outside can’t be avoided, humidity inside can be truly annoying. Not only does high humidity in your home prevent you from finding relief from the summer stickiness, but it could actually damage your home’s structure or surfaces, as well as have many other consequences. So how can you control this humidity and ...
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  • What Are the Benefits of an Air Purifier?

    Air purifiers are an effective way to promote clean air quality in your residential or commercial space. Using internal fans, air purifiers remove dust, pollen, and bacteria from your air, circulating purer air back into the room. Keeping your entire environment healthy, air purifiers are a smart choice for anyone hoping to improve their quality of life. Air purifiers offer various benefits, ...
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  • What Makes the AC Filter So Dirty?

    AC filters tend to get dirty quickly, forcing homeowners to replace them at a consistent level. As a result, it can be frustrating to find yourself changing your AC filter faster than you might expect. However, several factors can affect the quality and cleanliness of your filter, and learning these trigger points can help you prevent this from happening as often as it does. Here are just are four ...
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  • What Should I Do About Poor Indoor Air Quality?

    Last year, we discussed the five ways you can improve your indoor air quality in your home. While we mentioned maintaining a clean home by regularly changing your filters or using indoor plants to purify your home’s air, in this edition we are going to explain other ways to maintain optimal indoor air quality. The following are more ways improve the quality of air in your home: Use an air ...
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  • Is It Time to Replace My Furnace Filter?

    It's already October, which means winter is right around the corner. While many of us have already started to use our furnaces to stay warm, there's one household consideration too few of us address before the colder months set in: air quality. Below, let's take a look at some of the signs that tell us it could be time to replace our furnace filter. Significant Wear & Tear One of the easiest ways ...
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  • When to Replace Your Furnace

    Furnaces, when properly maintained, can have a long life. However, their longevity can lull us into a false presumption that they will last a lifetime. Don’t put yourself in the position of needing an emergency furnace replacement when you need it the most. Familiarize yourself with the signs of a furnace in need of replacement. More than 20 Years Old The life expectancy of a furnace these days is ...
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  • What is Making My Indoor Air Quality Bad?

    When it comes to indoor air quality, many homeowners believe that the biggest threats to their residence are external forces: pollen, humidity, smog, and so on. The truth, however, is that there are elements inside many homes that can decrease the quality of the air. Below, let's look at some sources of air contaminants that homeowners are not always quick to recognize. Pets Pets are a beloved ...
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  • 5 Ways To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

    Millions of Americans suffer from allergies, and even most who don’t are concerned about the impact of bad air quality on their health. In reality, indoor air quality is often far worse than outdoor air quality, as chemicals and allergens can be trapped inside. In this blog, our Virginia air conditioning experts look at 5 ways to improve the quality in your home. For top-tier air conditioner ...
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