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The summer months are here and that means temperatures are rising and countless households across the country are relying on air conditioners to cool their homes. Unfortunately, this is also the time when homeowners start to realize that their air conditioner systems aren't working like they should be. Are you suspicious your air conditioning system isn't working properly? Below, let's look at some of the classic signs that your system could be in need of a repair.

Lack Of Cool Air

The most immediate and obvious sign that your air conditioning needs repairs is when it's not producing cool air. There are actually a number of different causes for this kind of failure to happen, but the best way to pinpoint what is wrong is to hire a professional inspect your system.

Odd Noises

Are you hearing odd noises that you don't remember from last year? Ticking? Buzzing? Rattling? Fortunately, many times just a loose screw or fitting is the culprit. Other times, however, issues with the blower motor or the fan blade could be the cause. Contact trusted Northern Virginia HVAC services to get to the bottom of this issue.

Strange Smells

If operating your air conditioning produces an odor, there could be something wrong with your system. This could mean that there's something wrong with the air conditioning unit itself, or something growing in (or obstructing) your ducts. Either way, it's a professional job to fix.

Puddles Of Water

An air conditioning unit produces moisture during operation, but that moisture should be collected by your system-- not your floor. If you are noticing puddles around your unit, then there could be a blockage somewhere that needs to be cleared.

Your Energy Bills Have Suddenly Increased

This is one of the most unfortunate side effects of a broken air conditioning system because by the time the homeowners notice anything wrong, it has already cost them. Lack of system efficiency is a serious issue for homeowners and it is advised that they have their system looked at as soon as they discover an unexplained spike in their energy costs.

Are you currently experiencing one of these issues with your air conditioning? If so, Donmar Company Heating & Cooling is ready to hear from you. We've been providing reliable and cost-effective HVAC services since 1990. Our licensed professionals are well-acquainted with all the leading brands and models and provide emergency services seven days a week.

Speak with our professional North Virginia HVAC technicians today. Call us at 703.457.8676 now.

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