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Summertime means loads of free time, enjoyable activities, and freedom from school for many kids. However, it also means sweltering heat and sticky humidity that can be difficult to avoid. In fact, this only gets worse when you can’t even stay cool in your own home because your air conditioner either can’t keep up or isn’t working properly! If this is the case, you might have to look elsewhere for relief. Fortunately, there are a lot of cool and fun activities you can do that are both great for the whole family and can help you find the relief you’re looking for. Here are five of them:

1. Go to the Movies

What better way to distract yourself for a couple of hours than enjoy the ice-cool air of your local movie theater? Summer time is usually a big release season for kids’ movies, so there is probably some sort of a family-friendly option showing in theaters. Likewise many local theaters will also do summer movie club programs, in which they show some older releases at matinee times for extremely discounted prices. These are usually available on weekday mornings; contact your local theater for more information!

2. Go Swimming

Swimming pools can be found almost everywhere! Whether in a friend’s back yard or a local recreation center, the pool has long been a kid favorite for staying cool while having fun. This can also give you an opportunity to teach your kids a valuable skill they’ll carry with them for the rest of their life: swimming. The American Red Cross offers swim lessons with certified instructors at pools around the country, and teaching kids to swim could possibly save their life in the future.

3. Make Ice Cream

It’s one thing to buy a quart of ice cream from your local grocery store, but have you ever made your own delicious frozen treat? This is surprisingly easier than you think, only requiring the initial investment of an ice cream maker to get started (and hand-crank ones go for not much at all these days). Making the ice cream also involves handling a lot of cold materials, which helps everyone involved stay cool. And the reward for successfully making ice cream is perhaps the best part: a delicious sweet treat that can help cool you off on even the warmest days.

4. Go Ice Skating

Speaking of ice, why not go somewhere that’s full of it? There are dozens of indoor ice rinks around Virginia that are open all year long, and many of them offer skate rentals and even skating lessons! And if you’re looking for cold, you really can’t go wrong: rink facilities have to be kept frigid and dry to preserve their ice conditions for any event they can host. Plus, like swimming, ice skating also gives you and your kids a chance to try something out and possibly gain some skills they can take with them for the rest of their life.

5. Call for an Air Conditioning Repair

Whatever your choice for beating the heat, you can’t avoid it at home if you don’t get your system fixed. A Virginia air conditioning repair expert can come to your home, diagnose your issue, and then recommend the best possible solution that will get your system running again while saving you money. Whether your A/C isn’t working at all or just doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with your demands, our experts can figure out what’s ailing your system and get it up and running again so you can once again beat the heat and live in comfort in your own home.

If you need an air conditioning repair, call Donmar Company Heating & Cooling today by dialing (703) 457-8676 to schedule a service appointment!

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