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The blizzards and frigid cold just won’t seem to go away for the summer, and as a result this most recent string of cold weather from Winter Storm Stella has caused everyone to break out the blankets and crank up the heaters one more time. If you need a little bit of extra warmth to stay comfortable, you may want to consider investing in an electric blanket or a heating pad. Let’s take a look at these two items that can help you stay cozy during this last bit of winter weather.

Heating Pads

Heating pads are generally small—no more than about 12 square inches. These usually plug into the wall and have a small control box located on the cord that leads into the heating unit itself. The biggest benefit of these is that they can concentrate heat on a particular area of your body, and have varying levels of intensity. Additionally, they usually come with a machine-washable cover.

Electric Blankets

Electric blankets are usually much larger and can easily cover your whole body. In addition to being made of warm, fleece-like fabric to provide instant warmth, these devices take very little time to get up to temperature. However, they often cannot get quite as warm as a heating pad due to the need to heat a much larger surface. They are also much more difficult to clean as you can’t throw them in the washing machine. Electric blankets are also usually considerably more expensive than a heating pad.

When to Use Heating Pads & Electric Blankets

As stated previously, a heating pad is great for warming one particular part of your body, which makes them great for relieving back, neck, shoulder, knee, and other body pain from stress, arthritis, or overworking. Heating pads can also help you keep your toes warm in bed. Simply place the pad at the foot of your bed and turn it on about five minutes before climbing in, and say goodbye to cold toes.

An electric blanket can help you save money on your heating bills by allowing you to turn your thermostat down while you’re sleeping. These blankets are great for helping you fall asleep in a warm and comfortable bed, and many have safety devices, such as auto shut-off, that allow you to rest easy knowing that you are not causing a fire risk or running the blanket all night long.

Safety Warnings

With both devices, it’s important to make sure you use caution and common sense, as these are heat-generating electrical products, meaning there is an inherent fire risk, even though it may be small. Be careful if you use one with a memory-foam mattress as well, as heating products could damage the foam over time, depending on the brand. And be careful with the cord; don’t kink it or leave it where a pet could chew on it, as this could damage the wires resulting in a possible fire.

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