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Your heater and air conditioner are the biggest energy-consumers in the average American home, so it should come as little surprise that the majority of the money you’re spending on energy this winter is going towards keeping you warm and comfortable. However, what if there were ways you could spend less money on energy without having to sacrifice your own comfort? Turns out, you can and it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think. Here are a few tips you can follow that will keep you warm in your own home without having to use your heater.

Insulate & Seal Your Home

Air leaks are costly. Not only do they cost you your comfort by allowing warm air to escape, but they also cost you money by forcing you to run your heater more in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. When you have an expert perform an energy audit, the first place they look is in areas where air leaks are common, such as around doors, windows, and vents that are exposed outside. Sealing off these cracks and leaks often isn’t all that difficult either, it just needs to be done every few years to ensure the seals have not cracked and worn out themselves. Also, replace your weather stripping around your doors and windows every two to three years to ensure it’s in good shape and protecting you from heat loss.

Add Insulation to Your Walls

It might surprise you to learn that the insulation in your walls may have worn out after a while. Over many years of use and wear, insulation can eventually grow old and wear out, making it less effective at trapping heat into your home. This is particularly true if you’ve experienced a plumbing leak or other problem with a system inside your walls, which may have damaged the insulation. If you know you don’t have insulation in your walls, taking the time and making the investment in placing high-quality insulation (including spray-foam insulation) can save you a bundle on your heating bills by keeping the valuable warm air inside where it belongs.

Open the Blinds

Some people believe that closing the blinds and curtains helps insulate your windows, preventing heat from being exchanged through the glass panes. However, this isn’t always true; the sun is nature’s best heater, and shutting the curtains means you’re keeping that potential heat and warmth out. Opening your blinds and curtains during sunny winter mornings and afternoons allows nature to naturally contribute to the warmth in your home, despite how frigid and cold it might be outside. This also allows you to spend less on lighting your home during the day as well, utilizing the natural illuminating power of the sun as well as its heating tendencies!

Use Fire to Your Advantage

Nothing says winter quite like a holiday scented candle. Whether it’s the smell of pine, cinnamon or your other favorite smell, burning a candle can have huge benefits to your home. In addition to eliminating odors that frequently develop due to your home being shut and sealed for months at a time, candles also provide ambient light and warmth.

The same can be said for placing a few logs in the fireplace and lighting them up: not only is it peaceful, but it’s a great natural way to warm your home without spending the money on firing up your furnace. If you have a fireplace, find some firewood and light it up on those cold winter nights to stay warm while keeping your heater turned off. Your wallet will thank you.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your heating bills this winter, a tune-up service from our Sterling heating repairs and maintenance experts can make your heater more efficient and effective at heating your home.

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