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When selling your home, you’ll need to go through it bit by bit and figure out what needs updated, what could help contribute to its value, and how you’d like to position it in the market. However, far too many people don’t take the time to consider their HVAC system and just how much of an influence it plays on a buyer’s decision about your home. In fact, surveys have shown that an outdated HVAC system is one of the top reasons why deals fall through or why potential buyers choose to pass on making an offer.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t ignore or forget about your HVAC system when choosing to sell your home.

New Systems are a Great Investment

While investing in a new bathroom or upgraded kitchen can help you field more offers, few things have as much of a return on their investment in terms of contribution to your home’s value that’s as high as a new air conditioner or heater. Homes that advertise the youth of their system are often able to list for higher values and fetch offers on those higher values purely because such a crucial and important part of the home is in such good shape. It’s not the only important part of selling your home, but a nice home with a new air conditioner is going to be able to fetch a better dollar-for-dollar return than a home that’s nice and many different other types of upgrades.

New Systems are a Strong Selling Point

There’s something valuable about not having to worry about the condition of your air conditioner or heater for the next decade or more when buying a new home. A new HVAC system can provide you potential buyers with exactly that peace of mind. It’s this fact that draws so many potential buyers to a home purely by mentioning in your listing that you have a new HVAC system. Buyers who come to your home and can feel the fresh cool breeze coming from your vents or the welcoming warmth from your furnace will love being able to picture that environment being their own home.

Fewer Deals Fall Through

Nothing’s more nerve-wracking as a home seller than knowing that a home inspection is likely going to point out that the HVAC system is old. Even if it’s in working condition, a lot of home deals fall through when a buyer can’t trust that an air conditioner and heater are going to be able to hold up for at least a few years after completing the sale. Nobody wants to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a down payment for a home and then spend and other several thousand to replace the air conditioner when they get there so replacing your HVAC system ahead of time can prevent this from happening to you.

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