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As the calendar rounds into March, the frigid temperatures of winter are starting to fade away and turn into bright, sunny days. Before long, grass will be waking up, flowers will be blooming, and the warmth of spring will signal that now’s the ideal time to have your air conditioner maintained. Air conditioner maintenance is an extremely important part of not only making sure your system continues to run properly and remains energy-efficient, but also to ensure that any warranties that are service-dependent will continue to protect your system.

Here are a few reasons why spring is the ideal time to schedule an air conditioning maintenance service.

Make Sure Your System is Ready for First Use

Your air conditioner has likely been shut down and sitting dormant for months during the cool temperatures of fall and winter, and that lack of use has likely let things settle, which leads to developing problems. Blower motors will likely need lubrication, coils will need cleaned from the dust that has accumulated, and much more. Simply firing up your air conditioner for the first time could present a much greater risk if these problems aren’t rectified first. In fact, the overwhelming majority of major breakdowns occur on the first use of the season, and many of the issues that emerge could have been prevented had an air conditioner received adequate maintenance after sitting dormant for so long.

Better Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained air conditioner is simply going to work better. Whether it’s a belt drive that’s properly lubricated to eliminate friction or a clean, well-breathing air filter that allows the most air through with minimal inhibition, an air conditioner that’s received the proper maintenance is going to work better right from the first use of the season and continue to save you energy all spring and summer long. When your air conditioner has to overcome things like dirty coils or slower motors, it’s going to have to use more energy in order to do so, which means more money out of your pocket after each month.

Increase Air Conditioner Longevity

Let’s face it, replacing your air conditioner isn’t cheap, and if you’re like most homeowners you want to get the most out of your investment when you install a new system. Well, if you let your system go unmaintained or cared for, odds are it’s going to break down and eventually need replacement far sooner than a unit which has received the care and maintenance it needs. Scheduling an annual maintenance service every year can help prolong the life of your system for several extra years, ensuring you continue to receive the cool air you need for as long of a lifespan as your system will give you.

Keep Your Warranty Active

Have you recently invested in a new air conditioner? Odds are your system probably came with a warranty that provides you the peace of mind of knowing that any problems with the system itself will be taken care of for at least the first several years of its lifespan. However, many of these warranties require that your system receives maintenance at least once a year in order to ensure it’s being properly taken care of. Scheduling this maintenance in the springtime not only gives you the other listed benefits on this blog, but ensures you remain complaint with this requirement and your system continues to receive the manufacturer protection that likely was one of the reasons you were convinced to purchase it in the first place.

For more information or to schedule your annual maintenance service for your air conditioner, dial (703) 457-8676 to contact Donmar Heating, Cooling & Plumbing!

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