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The moment the toilet won’t flush can be any person’s worst bathroom nightmare. Trying to determine the source of the issue can be stressful because there are multiple ways this problem can occur. While some problems are obvious, others are more difficult to detect.

The following are common reasons why the toilet won’t flush:

  • Clog – Whether you used too much toilet paper, or you tried to flush sanitary napkins down the toilet, there are several ways a clog can happen. If you experience a clog, use a toilet plunger or auger to push the contents through the toilet, enabling it to flush. If you can’t push the contents through, use the plunger a suction device to dislodge whatever is preventing the toilet to flush. If clogs are a consistent problem, either use thinner toilet paper or call a plumber.
  • Low water in the tank – When a toilet flushes, water from the tank releases into the bowl, causing a suction necessary to flush. When there isn’t enough water in the tank, your toilet may experience difficulties flushing. If this the problem, check the water valve to see if it has been accidentally turned off.
  • Problem with lift chain – The lift chain connects the flapper to the outside toilet handle. If there is too much slack, the handle cannot raise the flapper to flush the toilet. All you must do is shorten the chain length.
  • The flapper is damaged – The flapper helps release water when the toilet flushes, then close the access to the water once enough water is filled in the tank. If the flapper is misshapen, bent, or warped, you must replace the flapper.

If you’ve done everything you can and your toilet is unable to flush, contact Donmar Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to let our Sterling plumber resolve the issue right away.

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