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Picture this: you're sitting at home, expecting your air conditioner to make your space feel a bit cooler as the day goes on. However, after some time, you realize that your living space still feels as warm as it did several hours earlier. You go to inspect your air conditioning unit and realize that it's frozen. Of course, this isn’t something that is acceptable — so, what can you do to solve the problem at hand?

How to Handle a Frozen AC

Allow It to Defrost

The first thing you'll want to do if you notice that your AC is frozen is to turn your system off (or cut the power) to allow it to defrost. Depending on how frozen the unit is, this could take as little as an hour or take the entire night. As frustrating as it is, it's important to not use the unit until it fully defrosts — but if you do attempt to use it, mid-defrost, it could cause more problems.

Check Your Airflow

One of the main reasons an air conditioner may freeze is due to a lack of airflow. Inspect your filter to ensure that it isn't dirty, and if it is, replace it with a clean one. Now, if the filter seems all right, go outside and check the area around your unit’s compressor. If there is debris pressed up against it, clear it away to allow for better airflow.

Call A Technician

If you fixed your unit’s airflow, but it still continues to freeze once it is back on, you may have an issue with your refrigerant. Whether it be a leak or the unit needs to be recharged, this matter must be handled by a professional HVAC technician.

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