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Blog Posts in May, 2017

  • Should I Fix My Thermostat Myself?

    The thermostat is an important part of running your HVAC systems in your home. However, when you discover that your air conditioning and heating units are no responding like they should, despite the adjustments you make to your home’s thermostat, it often means that repairs are necessary. While it is easy to assume that the thermostat may be to blame for the issue, perhaps the air conditioning and ...
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  • What Should I Do About Poor Indoor Air Quality?

    Last year, we discussed the five ways you can improve your indoor air quality in your home. While we mentioned maintaining a clean home by regularly changing your filters or using indoor plants to purify your home’s air, in this edition we are going to explain other ways to maintain optimal indoor air quality. The following are more ways improve the quality of air in your home: Use an air ...
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