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Blog Posts in January, 2018

  • A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Air Filter for Your Home

    Your air filter is one of the smallest, simplest, and yet most crucially important pieces to your home’s heating and air conditioning system. However, despite it having such an important part to play in how your home functions, many people don’t pay enough attention to it or change it out nearly often enough. When the time comes to replace your filter, knowing what to look for in order to buy the ...
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  • Why Can My Heater Freeze?

    “Wait, what do you mean my heater’s frozen? How is that possible?” We receive this question from homeowners on occasion, often after they’ve contacted us to inspect their heater after it’s seized up and stopped working in the middle of cold stretch of winter weather. While it may seem more than a little silly to imagine that something that’s supposed to generate heat and keep you warm has ...
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