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Keep an Ear Open for Warning Signs

Your home’s HVAC and plumbing systems are very different, both in the ways they work and in the ways they tend to malfunction. However, they have one important thing in common – when issues pop up, one of the first symptoms both these systems display is strange noises.

When you hear something unusual in your home, it should immediately alert you that something’s not right. However, those sounds can be a bit hard to identify. Does that rumbling sound indicate a problem with your water heater or your pipes? Is that banging in your vents the result of a malfunctioning heater or AC unit? We have all the information you need to identify every noise in your home and understand what they mean for you.

Banging in Your Vents

The most common symptom of a malfunctioning HVAC system is strange noises coming from your vents. If the unusual sounds in your home are only present when the heating or air conditioning is on, then your vents are probably the source.

The trick is identifying if these sounds are coming from your heater or air conditioner. For this, you need to ask yourself if something smells weird. Strange sounds coming from your vents are often accompanied by odors. If it smells like something’s burning, call a heater repair specialist. If it smells more like mold or mildew, contact an AC technician.

Rumbling Water Heaters

If the noises start when you turn on the hot water, head out to your water heater and check if the sound originates there. A rumbling or rattling noise in your water heater indicates sediment buildup within the tank. You can solve the issue by draining the tank, or by calling a professional water heater maintenance team.

Rattling Pipes

Sounds coming from your walls, or only appearing when water is running? Your pipes are the most likely culprit. But in cases like this, it’s very important to identify what kind of sound you’re hearing. A standard rattling sound when the water is on means you can probably wait until morning to call the plumber, but the sound of running water, especially if you’re hearing it while all the taps are turned off, indicates a hidden water leak. Call a plumber right away to stop excess water from damaging your home.

Gurgling Drains

Are you hearing things after you flush, or after you’ve washed the dishes? There’s probably an obstruction that needs to be dealt with. DIY cleaning methods can usually do the job for drains, but if the sounds persist, get the professionals to handle things for you. If toilets are the source of the sounds, the problem may lie within your sewer line. Get a plumber to inspect for blockages that could be accumulating and eliminate them before they can cause bigger problems like backflow.

Call the Professionals to Get Things Fixed Fast

If, after you’ve determined where that strange noise you’ve been hearing is coming from, you don’t know what to do next, you can always call us. We have expert plumbers and HVAC technicians on-site to assist you with any issue that’s plaguing your home.