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Why Your Shower Drain is Clogged

There’s not a person on Earth who likes looking down in the middle of their shower and seeing water pooling at their feet. A clogged shower drain is irritating at best — and dangerous at worst since it can potentially signal a large plumbing problem. If you’re noticing that your showers are turning into baths because of a slow drain or clog, here are a few things that may be causing the problem.


Everyone sheds in the shower, but you shouldn’t allow clumps of hair to flow down the shower every time you bathe. While some hair may easily flow through your pipes, most of it will combine with soap scum and form a clog inside your pipes.

Protect your plumbing by investing in an inexpensive rubber or plastic drain trap that will catch hair before it has the chance to go down the drain. If you don’t have one, try to remove any hair that’s caught directly on your drain with toilet paper and throw it out.

Product Buildup

You may love your deep conditioner or body butter, but your plumbing probably doesn’t. Heavy products, especially those containing oil or greasy ingredients, can very easily stick to the walls on your pipes and end up causing a clog. Try to use thinner products or use your current products more sparingly.


If your dog found a mud puddle to roll around in outside or the kids need to rinse off dirt and grass after a sports game, you may find yourself with a clog of all that gunk flows down the drain. In cases like these, it’s best to rinse off outside first so dirt and other debris stays out of your plumbing.

Hard Water

If your home has hard water, the sediments inside that water can begin to stick to the inside of your pipes over time and form a clog. If this is the cause behind your shower clogs, your best bet is to invest in a water softening system to remove particles before they have a chance to buildup.

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