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Are My Habits Affecting My Indoor Air Quality?

When it comes to the air you breathe in your home, you probably don’t give it much thought unless there’s a strange smell wafting through the room. However, that air can have a negative impact on your health and safety — which is why you should always strive to ensure it’s clean and free of contaminants.

But what if we told you that a few of your daily habits could be negatively impacting your indoor air quality and giving you less-than-ideal air?

You Use Canned Air Freshener

We know you probably love having your home smell like fresh linens or pumpkin spice, but those store-bought air fresheners aren’t doing your air quality any favors. Often, they are chocked full of chemicals and other harmful ingredients that can irritate your allergies and lower your indoor air quality.

You Wear Outdoor Shoes Around the House

When you step into your home after walking around outside or in public places, whatever germs, allergens, bacteria, and dirt stuck to your shoes will get tracked in as well. If you wear those shoes indoors, you allow all those unwanted particles all over your home and they can get kicked up into your air. Instead, do yourself and your air quality a favor, and leave your shoes at the door.

You Use Harsh Cleaning Products

Similarly to air fresheners, many store-bought cleaning products are packed with harmful ingredients that negatively impact your air quality and can even have some poor effects on your health. Whenever possible, stick to more natural cleaning solutions since these products won’t contain bad ingredients.

You Skip Regular Cleanings

Not everyone likes to mop and dust every few days, but if you skip these chores too much, you’re allowing dirt, germs, and dust to remain in your home. To avoid breathing these particles in, make sure you clean your home regularly with tools that trap dirt and dust rather than spread it around.

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If you have found yourself suffering from allergies, having difficulty breathing, or experiencing some other side effect that is the result of poor air quality, we are here to help.

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