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No One Likes Dealing with Clogs

When your drains slow down, your toilet has longer flush times, and something doesn’t smell right, you may be dealing with a blockage hidden within your plumbing system. Unlike more obvious clogs or drain buildup, plungers and drain cleaners can’t always solve the problem. And while a persistent blockage won’t immediately lead to serious issues, it can have devastating long-term effects on your home, health, and comfort.

Most Persistent Blockages are Caused by Substances Like These:

  • Tree roots
  • Grease
  • Soap scum
  • Hair
  • Flushed wipes or feminine hygiene products
  • Food waste

Finding the Source of the Issue

When conventional unclogging methods aren’t working, it helps to know where the blockage is located within your plumbing system. Most blockages tend to occur in one of two places – in your drains or your sewer. Both locations are points where large amounts of potentially harmful materials congregate within your pipes as they enter or leave your plumbing. If you’re concerned about clogs, enlist the help of a plumber to inspect your pipes and isolate the source of your issues.

Drain Blockages

Drain blockages are incredibly common, and easy for you to fix on your own. If only one drain in your home is experiencing issues, a drain blockage is likely to blame. DIY drain cleaning solutions can sometimes resolve the issue, but if you’re still experiencing problems, it’s best to get your drains cleaned professionally before things have a chance to get worse.

Sewer Blockages

Unlike a blocked drain, a sewer line blockage can and will affect your whole home. If multiple drains and toilets are clogging or slow, strange gurgling sounds are coming from your pipes, or strange green spots are appearing on your lawn, then a sewer blockage is the most likely culprit. For this, you’ll most likely need to talk to a professional plumber. Not only is your sewer line not as easily accessible as your drain, but there could be a tree root or other natural barrier blocking up your system, which requires specialized rooting services to remove without damaging your plumbing.

Could Hydrojetting Be the Solution?

Hydrojetting is an innovative new plumbing solution that uses high-pressure water to clean and clear your entire plumbing system at once, without messy snakes or abrasive chemicals. A licensed plumber can insert a specialized nozzle through your drain that sends high-pressure water through your entire plumbing system, dissolving and washing away everything in its path – that includes roots, soap scum, and other stubborn blockages. However, hydrojetting is not for everyone – if your pipes have leaks or cracks in them, hydrojetting could cause them to get bigger.

Contact the plumbing experts at Donmar Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing to find out if hydrojetting is right for you. We can also provide you with traditional drain and sewer cleanings, video camera inspections, and rooter services, all with an unbeatable level of professional quality.