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Make Sure Your HVAC System Knows What’s Going on in Your Home

Your thermostat is the control center for your entire heating and cooling system. If it’s not able to accurately read the temperature inside your home, it’s not able to provide the right amount of heating and cooling to keep you comfortable, and it can cause your heater and air conditioner to become overworked, worn out, and damaged.

Effects of a Malfunctioning Thermostat Include:

  • Higher energy bills
  • Increased wear-and-tear damage to your heating and cooling appliances
  • Less effective heating and cooling
  • Uneven and inconsistent temperatures
  • Short cycling
  • And more

How to Check Your Thermostat

  1. Find a glass-bulb thermometer, tape, and some paper towels
  2. Tape the thermometer to your wall next to your thermostat, using the paper towels to prevent it from touching the actual wall
  3. Make sure both the thermometer and your thermostat aren’t being affected by outside temperatures – windows and doors should be closed, and they should be away from hot appliances
  4. Wait for the mercury inside the glass bulb thermometer to settle (about 25 minutes), then compare the reading with your thermostat’s displayed temperature
  5. If the difference in temperature readings is over one degree, carefully clean under the faceplate of your thermostat
  6. Repeat steps 1-4
  7. If there’s still a difference of over one degree between the two, contact your local HVAC experts for thermostat repairs

What to Do When Your Thermostat Needs Help

There are a multitude of reasons why your thermostat may not be working. It could have been installed incorrectly, be located in a sub-optimal location, or just be too old and worn-out to continue functioning. No matter what’s affecting your thermostat, it’s best to call the professionals to handle things. Our professional HVAC technicians can make sure your thermostat is working perfectly with expert repair and replacement services.

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