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Springtime Thermostat Tips

Spring is a season of renewal and fresh starts—not just for nature but also for optimizing your home's energy use. Donmar Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is here to guide you through some simple yet effective thermostat tips to help you create a more comfortable environment while saving on energy bills. By making a few smart changes to your thermostat settings, you can transition into the warmer months with ease.

Know Your Ideal Heating and Cooling Settings

The key to maintaining comfort and efficiency during spring is knowing the ideal thermostat settings for both heating and cooling. The goal is to keep your home at a reasonably comfortable temperature without your system cycling on and off repeatedly. You also want to prevent the cooling and heating systems from competing with each other.

Guidelines for springtime heating and cooling settings are as follows:

  • Set your heating to 68°F during the day while you are at home. It's a comfortable temperature for most people and can prevent your HVAC system from overworking.
  • Set your cooling to 78°F to prevent your home from overheating on sunny days and to avoid excessive energy consumption.
  • At night, or when you're cozied under blankets, drop your heating to 60-65°F. This creates an ideal sleeping environment and further conserves energy.

By maintaining these settings, your HVAC system can avoid constant cycling, saving energy and preventing unnecessary wear and tear. And remember, though the days will warm up, spring nights tend to remain cool, meaning your home will cool off more quickly than in the summer.

Take Advantage of Programmable Settings

The beauty of modern thermostats lies in their programmability. Make the most out of your smart thermostat by setting it to adjust the temperature automatically based on your daily schedule.

When you are regularly away from home, such as on workdays, program your heating to 60°F and your AC to 85°F. It's unlikely that your home will reach these temperatures during spring, and these settings will safeguard against unnecessary heating and cooling.

Pay attention to your habits at home and use them to guide your at-home setting preferences. For example, if you know your house always heats up while cooking dinner, set your thermostat lower during this time to avoid your furnace kicking on at the same time. Or, if you know you like a warm house when you wake up, schedule your heater to come on about 30 minutes before your alarm goes off.

We also encourage you to regularly check your thermostat programming and update your settings when your schedule changes. Doing so can help you ensure both your comfort and your energy efficiency.

Keep Air Flowing with Fan-Only Mode

Using the fan-only mode on your thermostat can enhance the effectiveness of your heating and cooling. Fan-only mode circulates air without heating or cooling. This helps to distribute the air evenly throughout your home. It can prevent hot or cold spots in different areas and reduce the need for your HVAC system to start frequently.

Bonus Tip: Prioritize Spring HVAC Maintenance

Lastly, spring is the ideal time to give your system its annual maintenance check-up. Scheduling a spring AC maintenance service ensures your cooling system is ready for the warmer days ahead. Additionally, HVAC companies, like Donmar Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, are often less busy during this period, so you’ll find it easier to book an appointment that is convenient for you.

Remember, if you need assistance with maintenance or upgrading your thermostat, we’re here to help. Get ready to enjoy a breezy and effortless transition into spring.

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