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Getting the Most Out of Your AC

Summer is just around the corner, and we all know it can be a tough season to bear, especially for homeowners. However, keeping your air conditioner running efficiently can be challenging. You need to keep your home cool and cozy while avoiding high energy bills. This is where your air conditioning system comes into play.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss five tips for keeping your home cool this summer. We've got you covered, from scheduling AC maintenance to optimizing your AC settings!

Tip #1: Schedule AC Maintenance Before Summer

Before summer hits, it's wise to have your air conditioning system checked by professionals. This ensures that your AC system is in perfect working condition and that any potential issues are addressed in advance. Additionally, regular AC maintenance will increase the lifespan of your unit and boost its efficiency, saving you money on energy bills.

Here are some signs that your AC needs maintenance:

  • The air coming from your vents doesn't feel as cold as it used to be, indicating decreased cooling power.
  • There are strange noises coming from your AC unit, such as banging, clanking, or squealing. These noises could be caused by loose parts, worn-out belts, or other issues.
  • Your AC unit emits unpleasant odors when it starts, indicating mold or bacteria growth inside the system.
  • Your energy bills have been increasing despite no changes in your energy consumption patterns, indicating reduced efficiency and increased energy consumption.
  • You notice leaks or moisture around your AC unit, which could be caused by clogged drain lines or other issues.
  • Your AC system is more than ten years old, increasing the likelihood of breakdowns and reduced efficiency.

Tip #2: Use Ceiling Fans to Supplement Your AC

Having ceiling fans in your home can help reduce your reliance on air conditioning. Ceiling fans can circulate cool air in your home, easily spreading the cool air throughout the room. This means your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard, thus conserving energy. In turn, this will help you save more money on your energy bills. If you don't have ceiling fans, standing fans strategically placed throughout your home can also do the trick.

Tip #3: Optimize Your AC Settings

Your AC unit comes with a variety of settings, such as temperature control and temperature sensing. For example, programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature for each room in your home, saving energy in areas that don’t need to be cool. Additionally, you can set your thermostat to turn off your AC when you’re out of the house. This will save you a considerable amount on monthly energy bills, all while keeping your home cool.

Review our blog here for more tips on utilizing your thermostat to get the most out of your AC system.

Tip #4: Keep Your Home Shaded and Insulated

A well-insulated home, especially in the attic and walls, is crucial to keeping cool air inside your home. Shady insulation or curtains can help block direct sunlight and reduce heat from penetrating the house. This greatly reduces the work your air conditioning system has to do, protecting it from excessive wear and tear, and lowering the energy it needs.

More tips for keeping the sun from heating up your home and reducing cooling loss include:

  • Installing blackout curtains in rooms that receive excessive sunlight throughout the day, such as those with south-facing windows.
  • Installing automatic, retractable shades on high clerestory windows where installing curtains or blinds is impractical or unappealing
  • Open your windows and doors at night when the temperature drops and use fans to pull cool air into your home.

Tip #5: Regularly Clean or Replace Your Air Filters

Dirty air filters are a major culprit of poor air quality and inefficient airflow. When air filters become blocked, air can't flow as easily, and your air conditioning unit has to work harder, consuming more energy and raising your energy bill. Regularly cleaning or replacing air filters ensures your AC unit runs smoothly and efficiently. It can also help improve your indoor air quality by trapping allergens, dust, and pet dander.

Summers are a challenge for homeowners who want to keep their homes cool while not breaking the bank. By using these five tips, you will be able to keep your home cool and comfortable without spending excessive amounts on energy bills.

If you’re in need of professional air conditioning services, contact Donmar Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing. Our team of experts will help you ensure your home stays cool throughout the summer.