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Tips and Tricks to Help You Stay Comfortable in Any Humidity

Summer heat alone can be bad enough, but when it comes with high humidity, it can make your whole family extremely uncomfortable, even with quality air conditioning. High humidity can trap heat against your skin, making already-high temperatures feel hotter and causing excess sweating.

Fortunately, controlling your indoor humidity levels is possible with just a few simple steps. See what our home comfort experts recommend you do to keep your home comfortable in even the most humid weather.

Make Sure Your AC Isn’t Part of the Problem

A poorly functioning air conditioner can impact your indoor air quality and raise your indoor humidity levels. While your unit’s condenser coil is designed to remove humidity from your air, if your unit is overworked due to heavy usage, improper installation, or low efficiency, the condenser coil doesn’t have time to do its job, leaving you with humid air.

Contact our professionals to perform essential maintenance on your air conditioner. Maintenance services can ensure that your unit doesn’t experience short cycling, which is the largest source of excess humidity in your air conditioner.

Keep Air Circulating

When the humidity level starts to rise, proper air circulation and ventilation are your best friends. Air that’s in motion can’t transfer as much heat to you or allow humidity to settle on your skin.

Use these simple tricks to make sure your home is properly ventilated and has ideal airflow:

  • Open windows
  • Use fans
  • Turn on kitchen/exhaust fans to disperse warm air produced by appliances

Keep Water in Your Pipes

There’s already water in the air – make sure your plumbing and appliances aren’t adding more. Call our plumbers to check your home for water leaks, avoid running your dishwasher during the day, and take colder showers to prevent more water and steam from entering your air supply. As a bonus, these tricks will also help you lower your water bill!

Invest in a Dehumidifier

A quality dehumidifier is the best way to remove excess humidity from your home. Our HVAC technicians can help you find an ideal model for your home, and install it in a discrete, out-of-the-way location. Plus, dehumidifiers will make the cool air from your air conditioner more effective, meaning that you’ll use it less and your utility bills will go down!

High Humidity Impacts More than Just Your Comfort

When there’s excess water in your home’s air supply, it can do a lot more damage than you think. Not only does humidity make you and your family uncomfortable, but it can also facilitate mold growth and damage components inside your HVAC system.

If you’re having difficulties controlling the humidity levels in your home, call (703) 457-8676 to schedule a consultation with our licensed HVAC experts.