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Tree roots are among the most insidious and potent threats to your plumbing system. Pipes are a natural breeding ground for moisture, meaning they create the ideal, wet environment for roots to grow. Once a root has started to grow around your pipes, they can cause major blockages, resulting in major damage to your plumbing system.

Sadly, because they are underground, hidden away from everyday sight, it’s hard to protect vulnerable pipes from root intrusion until it’s too late. Keep reading to learn how to keep your plumbing safe from tree roots, and make sure to contact our experienced Rockville plumbers at Donmar Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for pipe repair, replacement and more.

The Top 4 Steps to Take to Protect Your Plumbing System from Root Intrusion

  1. Drill Roots Out with an Auger: An auger is a mechanical device which rotates a spiral drill head to break tough tree roots out of your pipes. Although you can purchase an auger on your own, it may be easier to hire a professional to drill roots out for you. However, while an auger will destroy roots, it will not prevent them from growing, so you may need to try other another method as well.
  2. Poison Roots Using Chemicals: You can buy copper sulfate chemicals at most garden supply stores to poison tree roots before they can destroy your pipes. Once you have purchased copper sulfate crystals, you will pour them into your toilet and flush until the bowl is empty. This will push these chemicals into your system, causing the pipes and the soil around them to kill any roots that may be encroaching. This method is controversial, however, as these chemicals are toxic, which means they not only need to be handled carefully, but may not be great for pipes in the long-run. For a more comprehensive solution, consider hiring a plumber to also…
  3. Destroy Roots Through Hydro Jetting: Hydro jetters spray high pressured water into your piping, using a powerful stream of water to pulverize roots and push them out of your plumbing system. It is worth noting that hydro jetting can be expensive, and like using an auger, doesn’t stop roots from growing. This is why many plumbers recommend using hydro jetting in conjunction with chemicals.
  4. Dig Roots Out Entirely: Usually, digging up your yard to remove roots directly is a last ditch effort, which homeowners are only forced to do once their pipes have become so damaged, they must be replaced altogether. That said, an inspection of your plumbing system, particularly one using video equipment, may be able to catch root intrusion at an early stage, allowing you to decide whether you want to dig the roots up or choose one of the other removal methods mentioned above.

Say Goodbye to Tree Roots—With the Help of Donmar Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

At Donmar Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, our Rockville plumbing pros will do everything in our power to protect your system from roots and other hazards. We offer drain cleaning and rooter options to get rid of obstructions at the source, as well sewer and main line services to keep your plumbing system flowing smoothly all year-round. Call today for affordable financing and specials, and discover why customers across Rockville and Sterling love our services for yourself.

Dial (703) 457-8676 now for emergency service, or contact us anytime online.

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